Occupational health and safety management plays an important role for your organisation. Today the avoidance of accidents at the workplace should be a supporting pier of your organisation philosophy, because usually such accidents walk along with productivity loss, loss of working hours and raises additional costs to insurance premiums.

Prevention thought: Prevention is better than heal, can be checked in the federal law about work in industry, craft and trade. The ISO 45001 certification of your organisation fulfils at the same time the criteria of EKAS-Directive 6508 (VUV, Badly + MG).
ISO 45001 offers protection of work and health in one system to you. Certification to ISO 45001 within your organisation shows your employees, customers, suppliers, partners and the general public that the protection thought plays a dominant role in your processes. The elements of the ISO 45001 are structured like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Both are the basis for the continuous improvement process.

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